Norfolk Economics is an independent consultancy based in Norfolk and specialising in economic consultancy across the East of England.

We offer services to a range of client groups, including:-

  • Local Government bodies including County, District, Town and Parish Councils
  • Local Enterprise Partnerships
  • Other public bodies with responsibility for supporting economic growth
  • Businesses considering locating and expanding into the East of England
  • Investors considering land or property investment in the East of England
  • Anyone requiring economic data collection and analysis across the East of England

Home – what can we offer the public sector?

What can we offer the public sector?

  • Full range of socio-economic data research, analysis and reporting
  • Economic strategy formulation to support economic growth aspirations
  • Economic analysis at parish and district levels to support Neighbourhood and Local Plan formulation
  • Sector and Cluster specific studies
  • Best Practice studies across the UK and abroad
  • Town Centre studies
  • Overcoming barriers to employment and housing development

Home – what can we offer the private sector?

What can we offer the private sector?

  • Socio-economic data research to support investment decisions
  • Available workforce research for target locations based on broad sector skills or for specific sectors
  • Detailed advice on available public grant support and how best to apply

Why Norfolk Economics?

Why Norfolk Economics?


Our partnership has a very broad experience base, built up over many years:-

  • Management experience in industry
  • Business support delivery and management of business support teams
  • Large scale public sector delivery projects
  • Inward Investment Management within the Public Sector
  • Commissioning of economic consultancy within the Public Sector
  • Assisting businesses and landowners with investment decisions, especially around site choice, utilities and public sector support

Understanding the brief

Have you ever engaged a consultant and then some time later wondered if they ever properly read the brief? We listen and read carefully. We stick to the brief!

Research, analyse, recommend

It may seem like a common sense approach, but we do believe in actually putting the steps in the right order. Good advice and recommendation can only come from doing the legwork first. We expect to be able to justify our recommendations based on careful research and insightful analysis.


We are thoughtful communicators, if in doubt, we’ll pick up the phone.

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