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Tips for Producing
November 9, 2013

Columnist Nick Lucas gives a whole bunch of good advice for getting the best from artists in the recording studio. So if you’re in the middle of a recording session and it’s all going wrong – read on …

Tips for breaking writer’s block
September 2, 2013

We all have days where creativity just isn’t coming to us, and yet in today’s world we usually have to schedule in times to work on our hobbies or dream careers, instead of just working when we feel like it. So what can you do to break through and be creative …

Sound Design Tips
June 27, 2013

Our very own Nick Lucas gives a run down on today’s most popular techniques for sound design and synthesis, including six of his own favourite tools.

Is this the way I’m supposed to be?
April 14, 2013

Columnist Frank Perri goes on vacation, revisits his New Year resolutions and finds them wanting. So out with the old and in with the new, well just one resolution, which one will come as a surprise …

Rob Palladino interviews Matt Thomas of The Joy Formidable
April 5, 2013

Our own resident drummer Rob Palladino interviews another drummer, Matt Thomas from the Welsh alternative power trio The Joy Formidable. Dummers talking drums, and drums, and more drums. A real joy indeed!

London psych-pop quintet THE SEE SEE make their US debut
January 15, 2013

London psych-pop quintet THE SEE SEE make their US debut on the legendary label Sundazed Records with this new 7″ single ‘The Rain & The Snow’ which will be released into the World on Monday 29th January, check out the video below…    httpv://youtu …

When You’re Tired of Recording and Re-recording . . .
November 5, 2012

Columnist Craig Clifford delves into the murky world of readjusting recorded song element timings using DAW software tools. From the purist world where all real musicians have actually played all of the notes; where will this lead to …

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